Working With The Light

The idea that light is the basic healing and recreating power is not new. Light is after all the very first creation of God in the book of Genesis. What is special to the White Eagle Lodge is the focusing of this light in a particular symbol, the six-pointed star.

The star symbol enables us to focus and project the light more clearly and is in itself a symbol of the perfection that healing seeks to bring. To see someone in the light of the star is to visualize them in perfect health, radiant within the enfolding Christ light.

The star is used throughout the Lodge work. White Eagle specifically asks those who read his teaching to tune in to the star and send out its light to all humanity at the times of 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00 through the day and night - of course it is best done when you are not trying to have a good refreshing sleep! This need only take a few moments and realigns us with the star; it also directs healing to those in need of help.



How to Make the Light Shine Through Meditation

As White Eagle teaches, meditation needs no more than a little time away from everyday intrusions, perhaps at home or out on a quiet walk. Each time you meditate you become more comfortable, and little by little you will find it easier to reach a tranquil state of mind.

As you progress into deeper and deeper levels of meditation it becomes more rewarding. It is even possible to reach levels of awareness that enable true spiritual communion.

Meditation is the true way to unfold the spiritual awareness which is deep in the innermost being of each of us. This goes beyond the mental practice to an awareness that comes from the heart. It is the process of awakening and unfolding the heart centre, and along with it, the inner light and Christ consciousness can be strengthened and developed.

Meditation retreats are available.

Meditation Moment

If you have a moment, find a quiet spot and enjoy reading this simple visualization meditation from the book 'The Gentle Brother' by White Eagle:

"You will often hear of the symbol of the Water Lily being used in spiritual unfoldment. The lily shown on the surface of the water is an ancient symbol of the unfolding spiritual gifts. If you would cultivate gifts of the spirit, just close your eyes and ears to all that is physical, then create a vision, a mental picture, of a harmonious beautiful garden.

Walk through the garden to the innermost sanctuary, passing through the wide open gate. And within that garden see the silent pool, pure and still and so clear. The still water of the spirit is clear as crystal. You may look into that water and see the true reflection of yourself, for the waters of the spirit never lie. On the surface of the water you will see a lily, pure white with a centre of gold. White and Gold, symbolic of purity and divine intelligence. Rest quietly in the contemplation of this flower."

Sending Out the Light to Heal

The Star shines in us all and White Eagle teaches that the power of healing is a gift of God, universally present in all of us. The light in our hearts can shine forth directly as healing. It can be directed consciously and powerfully, using the focusing power of the mind. The Lodge can train you to use this gift effectively - it is possibly one of the greatest forms of service that you can provide.

Daily Healing Meditation

Healing, by sending out the light as part of a short daily meditation, is a vital part of the spiritual healing work of the Lodge. No matter how insignificant it may seem it will always make a difference. This light that you send out will join countless other outpourings of light around the world to create a powerful healing in us all. This can be done using "LET THE LIGHT SHINE," in the pamphlet "Do you worry about the world situation" which is available for free from all centres.

Healing Service

Absent Healing is the projection of healing light to patients by groups. Each group consists of six healers under the leadership of a member of the White Eagle Brotherhood, specially trained in the projection of healing thought and prayer. These groups send out healing light to the patients who are not present physically, but are present in spirit.

Lone Healers do the same work as Absent Healers, but work individually from their homes.

Contact Healing is given by a healer of the White Eagle Brotherhood to individual patients by the laying on of hands.  Click here to see if contact healing may be available near you.

All the White Eagle Healing is considered to be complimentary to orthodox medicine, and not a replacement.

Healing may be requested if you, or anyone you know, would like to be placed on our healing list. We request that healing is not asked for without the knowledge and approval of the patient. Healing requests for our animal companions are always welcome, as well.

All requests for absent and lone healing are coordinated through the Star Center for the Americas in Texas. To request healing for yourself or someone else, click on the link below, print out the healing request form, provide the requested information and mail to: The White Eagle Lodge, 2615 St. Beulah Chapel Road, Montgomery, TX  77316Completed forms may also be sent by email attachment to

Contact us if you wish to become more involved in the healing work of the Lodge.

Click here for a Healing Request Form


The history of the White Eagle School of Astrology is bound up with the story of the White Eagle Lodge itself. As the White Eagle teaching was being given through the instrumentality of the Lodge’s founder Grace Cooke, Joan Hodgson, her elder daughter, noticed that he sometimes used astrological references. Intrigued, she determined to find out more about the subject, and when asked what she wanted for her twenty-first birthday (which occurred about eighteen months after the Lodge work officially began) she requested ‘a library of astrology books’. 

Astrology has always been a part of the White Eagle Lodge teaching and the work of the Lodge. As taught and practiced in the Lodge, astrology is a spiritual science, an esoteric discipline which helps us to understand the divine pattern behind all life, and our place within it.

To learn more about The White Eagle School of Astrology  click here 

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