The Gentle Brother


All is proceeding according to spiritual law, and you can help the whole world towards that ideal of brotherhood by your own loving attitude to life.  Love all, for God has created all.  Love, love is the great solvent of all problems on earth.  Be used as agents, be used by the brotherhood of the Light, to be positive in God thought, good thought, all centralized in that symbol under which we all work, the cross of light within the circle of light . . . and upon the centre of that cross of light blazes the Star, the Star which is the symbol of man-woman made perfect.  This is the symbol for you to follow, the Star; follow the Star and it will lead you to the birth place of Christ, Christ within the cave of your own heart.

Use your inner vision now, and see the loving figure of Christ, bringing to you the symbols of the bread and the wine, the bread which you need to grow and then absorb into yourself.  You are part of the earth, you are part of nature, you are part of God.  And He offers you the cup of wine, the pressed grapes, the symbol of the essence of your life, the Divine Love, the Christ Love.

Peace, peace, happiness and joy.  May all three be with you through your life, and never look back with sorrow or regret, only be thankful for the blessings you have already received, give blessings to all you come into contact with, and remember that you move forward daily into the golden world of God.

A happy, progressive year is before each one of you if you will accept it . . . accept . . . and the Great Spirit blesses you.

                              White Eagle



Other Selections taken from White Eagle's Teachings...

  Ask God First

Each one of you is well known to God and to the spirit Brotherhood. . . .  Look first to God for your power, for your inspiration, not to this little active body and mind which is pushing you all the time.  Look to God.  

  Cultivate Joy and Laughter

You  feel you have too much to do but, you know, it is not the amount of work, it is the way you do it that causes you to be battered and worn out, feeling like a piece of frayed string at the end of the day.

  Reflectors of Christ

The masters of the ancient wisdom work unceasingly to help you, to help humanity. They look across the darkness and see some men and women shine forth like stars in the night of materialism – you may be such a star, for all you know.

  The Power of Thought

All life is influenced and controlled by thought.

  Two Aspects of Your Life

Unfortunately, most people think that the personality they know on this physical plane is all of them; but remember that only a very small part of you is imprisoned in physical life; what is manifesting through the body is only the point of the triangle. 

  The Power of GOD

In the silence, my children, in the stillness, you will feel the power of God . . .

  All Things are Magical

"You live in magical worlds. When your eyes are opened you are able to see this magic, this unseen life which is waiting to manifest and to reveal beauty beyond all your dreams. Why, even your earth quickens with magic at springtime."


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