The Gentle Brother


WE ASK you all to concentrate on beauty. There is so much ugliness on earth in all departments of life - ugliness of speech, of sound, of buildings. But beauty is spiritual food — beauty of form, colour, movement, music, and sound and above all, of thought. What we from the spirit have to do - and you are our agents, co-operating with us - is to create beauty. By your concentration upon beauty in your surroundings, in yourself and in your thoughts, you will bring beauty into the lives of others around you.

Do not think that if you concentrate on beauty as we ask you to do, you are neglecting the suffering, and forgetting the inequalities of life. By concentrating on beauty you are creating it.

You who have been trained to meditate see beauty because you are working from your innermost spirit, God. God is beauty, God is love, God is wisdom and power. The centre of the circle is God.

*        *        *

You look up at the sky at night, and you see countless millions of stars. You think you are looking upon a vast universe - but you know nothing of the life which is living, moving within that universe. Your physical eye cannot see, nor your earthly mind comprehend the vastness of the invisible universe. And yet if you are learning to enter the stillness within your simple heart, you can begin to understand a little more of what lies in that visible and invisible universe; if you can feel the heartbeat of sympathy, you begin to feel harmony, to see vibrations in the form of colour; you become aware of other creatures, apart from mankind, apart from the animal world, apart from the vegetable world. Walk into your garden, and be still, withdraw into the temple of silence. If only for a flash, you may become aware of the numberless creatures in your garden, little nature spirits, flower fairies, gnomes. Even the very stones are inhabited by etheric folk. Yet in the ordinary way, all you see is the outer form of your pretty flowers! If you stop to think, you will wonder how the flowers are brought into blossom, what brings their perfume.

What power, wisdom and love lies behind the beauty of the physical form.....?

W. E.


Other Selections taken from White Eagle's Teachings...

  Ask God First

Each one of you is well known to God and to the spirit Brotherhood. . . .  Look first to God for your power, for your inspiration, not to this little active body and mind which is pushing you all the time.  Look to God.  

  Cultivate Joy and Laughter

You  feel you have too much to do but, you know, it is not the amount of work, it is the way you do it that causes you to be battered and worn out, feeling like a piece of frayed string at the end of the day.

  Reflectors of Christ

The masters of the ancient wisdom work unceasingly to help you, to help humanity. They look across the darkness and see some men and women shine forth like stars in the night of materialism – you may be such a star, for all you know.

  The Power of Thought

All life is influenced and controlled by thought.

  Two Aspects of Your Life

Unfortunately, most people think that the personality they know on this physical plane is all of them; but remember that only a very small part of you is imprisoned in physical life; what is manifesting through the body is only the point of the triangle. 

  The Power of GOD

In the silence, my children, in the stillness, you will feel the power of God . . .

  All Things are Magical

"You live in magical worlds. When your eyes are opened you are able to see this magic, this unseen life which is waiting to manifest and to reveal beauty beyond all your dreams. Why, even your earth quickens with magic at springtime."


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