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The White Eagle Lodge is an organisation which brings together many thousands of people all over the world who have read and wish to follow White Eagle’s teaching. The name White Eagle Lodge does not bear reference only to an inspiring individual teacher. More deeply, the white eagle is a symbol of vision and it is also the less widely known mystical symbol of St. John, the beloved disciple of Jesus the Christ.

White Eagle’s teaching is free from dogma, its keynote is simplicity, and has attracted people from many different backgrounds such as orthodox Christianity, Quakers, Theosophy, Spiritualism, Yoga and other oriental traditions to name a few.

The Ancient Wisdom Restated

ancient lamp with center flameThis teaching is a restatement for the present age of the Ancient Wisdom which formed the basis of all the great religions of the past, including Christianity. According to ancient wisdom, life on earth and in the spiritual realms is subject to certain basic spiritual laws which operate throughout the universe, and is far from being haphazard and seemingly arbitrary and unjust. As the physical universe is governed by the known laws of physics, so the spiritual universe and the evolution of man’s soul are held within spiritual law, within God’s law. When people understand these laws, and learn to live in harmony with them, they can be happy and at peace, for all operate within one fundamental and overriding law – the Law of Love.

Live Simply

This teaching seeks to achieve one end – to help us understand and live in harmony within these laws, and above all, to help us understand the real meaning of love – not so much simple human love, as it exists between friends, but that love, or will to good, which is the creative principle of the universe. White Eagle shows us how to use this creative principle in service, so in this very real sense his is a living faith, a religion of action.

The Greatest Teacher of All Is Within Your Heart

Although White Eagle’s message carries with it a special Native American 'flavour' that encourages his followers to live simply and close to the rhythms of the natural world, there is no part of this work that supplants the deep philosophy of any of the great world religions. We believe these teachings illumine the message brought by Jesus and indeed all the great philosophies of both East and West. However, we would say that the greatest teacher of all is the teacher within the heart of every man and woman, which we would call the Christ, the Son of God within our own hearts.

A Way of Life

What White Eagle teaches is simply a way of life. His teachings do not demand huge changes at the outer level, but they imply that a fundamental shift of consciousness within may be needed. He encourages us to re-examine our belief that external and material things have power over us, and asks us to acknowledge our own power to create and make beautiful all that we see. It means putting first an absolute trust in spirit, so that it is love and not fear that motivates us.

Spiritual Before Physical

White Eagle teaches that we are spiritual beings, inhabiting a physical body in order to learn lessons on this planet. Slowly, we are learning to balance the positive and the negative forces in the world. It is this spiritual aspect that enables us to accomplish this.

A Vision of Brotherhood

the earth from an outerspace perspective surrounded by light and angelsAt the heart of the White Eagle work there is a vision, a vision of brotherhood which extends to all humankind, to the animal kingdom and the world of nature, even to the very earth itself. It is a brotherhood of all life. Vision is something which we all have. We all have an intuitive faculty with which we can see into the future and use for all humankind and for ourselves, creating love, happiness and understanding. To use this vision instills strength in each of us, as it enables us to free ourselves from materiality, to live in the Light knowing that all is good and there is no substance in fear. May all receive this inspiration.

A fuller expression of White Eagle's teachings can be found in the work of the Lodge and in the many books published by the White Eagle Publishing Trust.

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