Sue's Letter                                                                    March 2018

Easter Greetings to our White Eagle Family & Friends, 

          As we draw close to this time of Easter, we look forward to this blessing of the light upon this beautiful planet, Earth. Within this story of Easter, we find the Master Jesus demonstrated the path of the soul – our soul. At the end of each incarnation, we lay aside our clothing, our shroud, to return to our heavenly world.  It is but a transition, a breath, a resurrection – our consciousness never dies. Then we are reborn into the physical life; each life full of hope, full of the Eastertide just as the bulbs of spring re-emerge to face the sun for their growth into the new season.  The bulbs only withdrew during our winter season as the sun makes its way through the astrological calendar. We do the same as we re-assess our path of our soul. We will intuitively know when it will be our time to take on our physical bodies once again to return to the school of Earth. Glory be to this beautiful and alive planet full of hope and resurrection.

This Drumbeat seems to be filled with lots of information.  My husband, Johnny and I attended the 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Temple of the Golden Rose in Texas in October. Please see my article in this issue. I will be writing another article about the presentation we gave concerning the White Eagle work in Canada – this will be in the Summer Drumbeat issue. We have photos of Jenny Dent, Lodge Mother, Jean LeFevre, Grandmother of the Americas and Jane Sorbi, Leader of the Americas.  Other photos include Hamida and Fred Bote-Kwame, Leaders of West Africa and Anne Bassett, retiring bookkeeper of the Americas Lodge.  Our own Daphne, made all the magnets that were for sale in the Texas gift shop.

We had a very good turn out for our Christmas service. You will see a photo of Nancy and Patty who won our fundraiser that day – a free membership and the beautiful stained-glass pyramid complete with crystals and gems.  We thank our Anna for donating this pyramid.

We now look forward to celebrating our own 25th Anniversary of the White Eagle Lodge in Canada in June. Jane Sorbi, Leader of the Americas will be with us that weekend.  As we know, Pat Harrison pioneered this work which began in 1993. Pat accomplished so much during this time including our Charitable Status for the Lodge and the creation of the Drumbeat magazine, to name only a few. It will be a group effort as the planning for this event now takes top priority.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.

With Love, Sue

Leader, Star Centre for Canada




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