Sue's Letter                                                          December 2017

Christmas Greetings to our White Eagle Family & Friends, 

          As we come upon this Christ-mass seasonwe are only too aware of the chatter in our human mind as we make out list after list of all that needs to be done as we approach December 25th.  There is so much communication during this dawning of the Aquarian Age.  It comes in fast, stays a short while, and then is replaced, almost spontaneously, with another thought/situation.  I think this may be the reason why time seems, or is, moving at an alarming rate.  Seasons, months and days come up so quickly – here we are looking forward to another Christmas!  But can we slow this down somehow?  Yes, but it takes effort on our part.  When I am challenged as I think upon all the thoughts I have of what needs to be done in both my personal and White Eagle life, I feel overwhelmed.  How can I be at peace with myself; how can I balance the scales when they are so heavily leaning towards the impossible?  I begin to breathe with my heart, as I focus on the   blazing Christ Star.  This is how I can stop time.  From here, I can choose the communications that I want to focus on in a more positive way.

           Yes, we have responsibilities that need to be taken care of on a daily or weekly basis.  Yes, there are personal and global difficulties that can overshadow our senses and lead us to negativity and despair.  But our higher mind, accompanied with our heart, can reign supreme.  It is our choice and purpose within our lodge to know that we can balance the scale.  All it takes is just a “thought”.  Through our heart, we can feel this transmutation taking place.  We have allowed the Light to shine through our consciousness.  As we walk with this lantern of spiritual Light held high, our path will lead us through this most important time of communication.


          In this Drumbeat, you will find a full article honouring the passing of Herb Belcourt.  His wife, Lesley Tarrant Belcourt, helped me to write about her own memories, as well as that of others. We know that Herb continues to lead a life of service in the higher realms.


          In October, my husband, Johnny, and I, were in Texas to celebrate the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Temple of the Golden Rose Opening.  I’ve included a few photos here, but will write an article about our time in Texas in the next issue of Drumbeat.



          Next June, the Star Centre for Canada here in Binbrook, will celebrate our 25th Anniversary of the White Eagle work in Canada.  We know Pat Harrison tirelessly created the lodge to be what it is today, over a 20-year period.  We all give Pat our gratitude for the work she has done. Celebrations will start on Friday June 22 to Sunday June 24th.  More details will come available closer to the date.  Jenny Dent, our Mother of the White Eagle Lodge and Jane Sorbi, our Mother for the Americas, will be in attendance.  All of us are looking forward to it...

          In closing, may we think upon the coming of the Christ Light during this most humble and joyous time of year.  We think of the stable, clean and warm. We envision Mary and Joseph as they settle into the place where Jesus is born.  And now we see the 3 Wise Men as they set their eyes upon the babe, knowing the greatness of this simple birth. 

“. . .soon the Light will be re-born.”

          From all of us at the Star Centre for Canada, we wish you a most blessed Christ-mass

and a time of new beginnings for the coming year.  Peace on earth.


With Love, Sue

Leader, Star Centre for Canada

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