Sue's Letter                                                      March 2017


Greetings to our White Eagle Family & Friends,

February turned out to be a very magical month for the Star Centre. Our Doreen Wells and Patty Hoffman became Star Brothers earlier in the month. With Helen Millar, they both came here to the sanctuary where we sat and meditated on the Star while the inner initiation took place.  The following weekend, they experienced their first Brotherhood service. We welcome them both to this inner work of the Lodge. Patty and Doreen have briefly written about their experience in this issue.

Then at the end of the month, Jane Sorbi, our Mother for the Americas, came for a short visit.  Upon driving back from the Toronto airport, she was welcomed by a thick “British fog” enveloping Binbrook.  Our group gathered for the whole weekend as we had a pot-luck for both days.   Jane had the pleasure of spending quality time with each member.  On Sunday, Jane talked about Divine Mother during our service.  In the afternoon, Jane told us of the work she will be creating to move the White Eagle work forward which will commence next February.  We were all very excited to hear of this news. Jane will be talking about this in future issues of Newsflash and On Eagle’s Wings.

Our new Inner Brother, Daphne Davey from PEI, was initiated during the Brotherhood Retreat in October of last year. She was thrilled to hear of this initiation earlier in the year.  We warmly welcome Daphne to the Inner Brotherhood and know that she is a very dedicated Brother being the only White Eagle contact in the Maritimes.  Daphne has written an account of her reception on page 10.

For our Christmas service, we had Doreen’s son, Craig, join us. As we do every year, we share our thoughts and read articles about Christmas. Craig took the opportunity during our service to thank all of us for taking care of his Mom during the past year when she was not well and subsequently had to undergo surgery. It was a very poignant moment and it had all of us in tears. He told Doreen that he was very impressed with the service. She has always told Craig that she feels she has “come home” since joining the Lodge and now he understands Doreen’s dedication. He also mentioned to Helen, who is a longtime friend of Doreen’s, that he could see how the Lodge has helped his Mom since the passing of her husband, Ron.

We were also very fortunate to have our Anna and Karen with us as this was a complete surprise. It was great for them to be part of our Christmas service and Anna always gives the best hugs. We were so glad they were able to attend. And of course, our pot-luck was fabulous!

We came to hear of some very sad news over the Christmas holidays – that Austin Bassett had passed on December 28th.  His wife, Anne, was at his bedside as he made his transition.  Austin was a valuable member and part of the staff at St. John’s Retreat Center.  We will miss Austin’s warm smile and his big hugs.  On April 2nd, there will be a memorial service for Austin after the Sunday service.  The Board and Council members will be at St. John’s during this time which will give us a chance to share our memories of Austin. We send Anne our love and light and know that Austin’s light is shining brightly in Anne’s heart.  We will dedicate an article about Austin in the Summer issue of the Drumbeat.

Now as we turn to face the coming of Spring, we do think about the Easter tradition. God encourages us to feel this uplifting season both within ourselves and on the outer plane. There is a purpose to Easter and White Eagle explains it this way:

“Lastly we would say to you on this joyous Easter Day, that the spirit of love, the Christ Spirit, is rising in the world. Look always for the good, the true and the beautiful – and you will find it”.

“ . . . see the growth of this gentle spirit of the Son of God, the Son in man. Now as you think light, think of the Sun, think of God, think of the Sun of God in man, and of God in all creation you will be working with God, you will be a creator, with God, of a more beautiful world, a more beautiful humanity.”  

                 With many Easter Blessings to you,

                                 Love Sue    

                                 Leader for the Star Centre for Canada


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