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The White Eagle Lodge provides millions of books and magazines and CDs worldwide and in many languages!

Books, Magazines & Newsletters

'Drumbeat', the newsletter for Canada, is produced by the Star Centre for Canada.

'On Eagle's Wings' is printed three times a year by the Star Center for the Americas.  For those of you who enjoy e-news, they also send out a monthly electronic 'Newsflash', at no charge.

'Stella Polaris' is produced by the White Eagle Publishing Trust on behalf of the Mother Lodge at New Lands in England.

White Eagle Book & Audio Reviews  We are continuously compiling book reviews of all the White Eagle Lodge publications, so that visitors can browse them before choosing a book to purchase. 

Book Ordering & Purchasing 

Selections and pricing information for books, audio CDs, and calendars may be found on the bookstore page as well as with individual book reviews. Books and Publications can be ordered from the Star Centre for Canada by emailing requests to: books@whiteagle.ca.

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