The White Eagle Lodge

The Purpose of the Lodge

Every man women and child on earth has in their heart a light to guide them. White Eagle calls this the Christ spirit, the spirit of divine love.   More . . .

The Principles of the White Eagle Lodge

Six principles provide the foundation.    More . . .

The Lodge Name

As outlined in White Eagle's words of dedication, the Lodge name "White Eagle" does not refer to an individual. White Eagle, in addition to being a reference to a symbol of vision, is the title given to one of spiritual vision and wisdom, and does not specifically refer to anyone incarnate or discarnate. It also represents the mystical aspect of Christianity as embodied in the Gospel of St. John.

Who Is White Eagle?

Imagine someone who has a special quiet warmth about them every time you meet. Occasionally you are drawn to someone; they never appear to criticize, but seem to always understand your situation and offer encouragement. How would it feel to be able to trust someone enough to turn to them with an inner question, knowing you would always receive wisdom in reply? This is how many people think of White Eagle.

The Teachings

White Eagle is a very gentle and patient teacher in the world of spirit, who never 'takes over' but provides us with the tools and inspiration to find and follow our own paths to the light. Working with Grace Cooke, he has brought into the physical world a series of teachings that have reached the hearts of many people around the world. Many have become aware of White Eagle's teachings through his books, cassettes and other publications, available around the world in many different languages. Today White Eagle continues to guide the work of the Lodge, brought into being by Grace and Ivan Cooke and ably continued today by Jenny Dent.

The History of the Lodge

The Early Days

The White Eagle Lodge came into being on 22 February, 1936, when its first premises were dedicated in Kensington, London, England. A small centre in Edinburgh was also started.    More . . .

The Star Centre for Canada

The White Eagle work in Canada began in the seventies in Mississauga, Ontario with one person who invited friends to her home to hear about White Eagle's teaching.   More . . .

The BC Daughter Lodge

The series of events that resulted in the dedication of a Daughter Lodge in British Columbia started with two people who discovered the White Eagle teaching towards the end of the 1980's.    More . . .

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