Welcome to the White Eagle Lodge in Canada

     The White Eagle Lodge is a worldwide organization that teaches a universal spiritual path of brotherhood towards all life. Whether we call ourselves Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or any other, we are all one human family. The Light which guides and instills all life lies within; sometimes this Light is called the Christ Light. It is all love.

     White Eagle is the name given to the wise teacher and philosopher who guided the formation of the White Eagle Lodge. The name White Eagle in the Native American tradition is symbolic and means a spiritual teacher. The White Eagle is also the symbol of the new age.

     The White Eagle Lodge seeks to establish a 'Brotherhood of Spirit' in all countries of the world; so that the influence of kindliness, mutual respect and dignity can be spread throughout the earth.



Greetings from the Star Centre for Canada

Greetings from our B.C. Daughter Lodge



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