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Spiritual Unfoldment 1

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Prod. Code: ISBN 978-0-85487-125-4

            How to Discover the Invisible Worlds
                and Find the Source of Healing

White Eagle

The subjects in this book include training in clairvoyance (clear seeing of the true spirit of the person), meditation, right living, healing, and learning about the great laws of life (e.g. reincarnation and karma).

The book makes a very important contribution to understanding and living in today's world while staying attuned to the subtler vibrations of life. Among the new material is more teaching on meditation, the chakras and healing, and new passages about finding health and relaxation. There is instruction on subtle seeing, hearing, Divine Mother and karma.



Enlarged and revised edition,
142 + xviii pp flapped paperback
18.6 x 12.3 cm
ISBN 978-0-85487-125-4


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