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CD:  How to Attune Yourself to the White Eagle Healing

Price: $15.00
Prod. Code: ISBN 978-0-85487-203-9

by Joan Hodgson

A classic recording re-released on CD following popular demand. Recorded by the former Lodge Mother, Joan Hodgson, it became a best-selling cassette tape. Now digitally re-mastered, the original recording has new sound quality but the same magic.

An unmissable CD for all those who wish to work as healers in the White Eagle Lodge, and for all who wish to receive healing. It also provides help, healing and advice for all.

This remarkable CD works on so many levels. On a practical level, it gives advice and help to the listener, teaching how to become attuned and receptive to healing in our lives. It also acts as a relaxation and meditation CD, leading the listener into a deep relaxation and drawing the angels of healing close. The gentle tone of Joan’s voice gives clear guidance. Joan helps us to find our way back to the light, giving clear steps for moving towards a life that is practical yet illumined by spirituality.

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