Reviewed by Margaret Rees

     Astra is known to many of us as a wise and experienced spiritual guide and teacher. Her guide for beginners on the spiritual path is welcome both for those beginners, for its common sense and every-day language and for more seasoned travelers who may find a depth of spirituality that can add to their understanding or cast a slightly different light.

     The book is presented in a question-and-answer format, which makes for easy reading.  The tone is conversational, so we can hear Astra’s voice as she describes her own spiritual journey and outlines the work she does, and has been doing for many years, with what she calls the Ancestral Group Soul. In the beginning she talks about working with her clients’ spiritual Ancestors using the help of her own Ancestors.  Later in the book she talks at greater length about the Ancestral Group Soul:  “When we speak of our spiritual DNA, we are not just speaking of our earthly ancestors, of our current family history. We are speaking of our Ancestral Group Soul.  This is the history of our soul.....We are all aspects of a greater Group Soul.....It seems that we continue, albeit in different bodies, but the soul memory, the consciousness, continues to evolve and grow....” The concept of a soul group is also presented here.

     As the path unfolds chapter by chapter, or stepping stone after stepping stone, questions are raised and answered and many topics are explored.  In the beginning there are a number of such questions as the difference between spirit, soul and personality, what is an aura, what is a Ray, what are soul lessons.  While discussing the Rays, and speaking of things with no beginning or end, Astra acknowledges: “It seems to me that we cannot fully understand this with the finite mind as the finite mind knows only the things of time...We need to wait until we move on to other levels”.  She goes on to say that the ”vibration that is within ourselves – the seed of our creation may have been created a very long time ago, but the beauty of our spiritual life is that the very same seed is within us.  It is kept vibrant and that same energy hasn’t diminished, it has gained in strength and it will continue to increase as we grow in understanding.  Perhaps we need to remember that we are co-creators with the Divine Will and it is this knowledge, this understanding, that will help to lift us out of the imprisonment of the flesh.”

     From here, the book goes on with consideration of soul healing and understanding of the chakra system, soul groups, consciousness, intuition, karma, symbols, mysticism and several other important aspects of spiritual growth and understanding.  In the concluding chapter “Where do we go from here” we are brought to fundamental questions about the meaning of life and so-called death:  “There is no beginning and no end to the spiritual path.  It is simply a continuation of life, of existence from one plane to another.  We do not lose who we are, our identity, it is merely merged into our greater self, our true spiritual essence.  This spiritual essence, this energy, is part of an even greater Being.......”

     Astra offers great encouragement to spiritual travelers, and excellent advice.  Reading her book is an exhilarating journey and really does feel like a conversation in person with a wise counselor.

Margaret Rees, 2018

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