$10.95 Canadian

by White Eagle

Published 2010

"There are angels messengers who are drawn to the earth plane for different reasons, but mainly to assist the building up of the earth's evolution and to help save humanity. The vibrational system of the earth is changing; the very substance of the earth is changing. Humanity's consciousness is gradually being raised to a plane of universal brotherhood."

I thought I knew all there was to know about angels before I picked up this newest publication in the White Eagle's Little Book series.

After all, I have read Spiritual Unfoldment 2 and ‘Walking With the Angels’ many times. I work closely with healing angels in my sanctuary. During a brief sojourn with astrology, the four angels of the elements and seven great planetary messengers --the Elohim-- figured prominently.  I always feel close to nature spirits and I am aware of the healing role creative arts play, so, do I need another book about angels?

White Eagle's Little Book of Angels sat on my bedside table for a few weeks before I opened it one evening. It opened at the page about the guardian angel, that special being who is with each of us from before birth, working under the Lords of Karma, guiding us on our life path.

Bemoaning my fate of raising two challenging teenagers, I subconsciously wondered if my guardian angel had become a hard taskmaster, making me learn tough lessons and pay difficult karmic debts. This passage awoke my senses:

"The guardian angel is there to inspire, guide and help, but never force the soul...the human being's gift of freewill is always respected. Many times the guardian angel draws close to the soul entrusted to its care, but when that soul is so concerned with the world and with itself, it cannot receive that guidance. "

How ironic that I had been dismissing my guardian angel in the same way my teens dismiss me!

Yes, I was intellectually and academically knowledgeable about angels, but had I been receptive enough to absorb the wisdom and inspiration these great beings bring to humanity?  Had I been listening? Was I still within?  Still enough to hear?

Although this is not a book meant to be read from start to finish, I did just that. That night I went to sleep following clear instructions on how to put into action the process of opening my senses to my angel:

"When you fall asleep, let your mind be calm and still. Allow yourself to feel detached from life, yet completely safe in God's embrace. You become aware of the still strong presence of your guardian angel. Then you will be released harmoniously, and your guardian angel at your side will take your hand and lead you forth to one of the many temples that exist on the etheric plane. And there you will receive instruction, and your soul will be impressed so vividly that some of the experiences will remain in your waking moments."

The next morning I awoke refreshed and confident enough to face the challenges of a new day.

Now, I open this Little Book of Angels each night before retiring and gain some spiritual insight, knowing that I not only entrust myself to the Creator, but also to the angels.

Just as there is knowing and knowing, there is also reading and reading. True, much of this book's content has appeared in other White Eagle books, but there is something magical about reading without using your mind and just letting the words find your heart centre like a meditation. This book allows this to happen.  Enhanced by delicate, flowing line drawings, simple words penetrate our minds to convey some of the inner mysteries of life.

"Enter this holy place; where we are in a golden world, and we see all around in a circle these angel forms with wings of light, beautiful faces all are perfectly peaceful and joyous. You can feel the joy, you can feel the peace, you feel your troubles and your heaviness all falling away, We look about us and that dome of wings is supported by tall pillars of light, and each pillar is a healing angel."

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Reviewed by: Lesley Tarrant Belcourt

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