Greetings from Beautiful British Columbia                                    July 2017

As we approach our summer break, there are many situations around the world that need our thoughts and prayers. Whether we are working on our healing lists or attending our services, we can send out the light in the form of colour, music, words and readings as we strive to link to the group consciousness worldwide. White Eagle tells us so many times that work on a group level is all important. Around the individual countries and around the world we link with other groups in great chains of healing and brotherhood, striving to become one mind and one heart. We are ever mindful of the presence with us of those working in spirit and the great link to the Brotherhoods of old.

Here in B.C., we shall continue with our group work throughout July and take a break in August returning at the beginning of September. So many thanks to all our dedicated members who have given their time and lovely energy to send out the light, supporting our group work over the years. We have been here as a group now for twenty-five years. As we come together, we feel the familiar presences.

The White Eagle energy was earthed and linked to the lodge in B.C. in 1992 and we have continued regularly since then. We have moved to different locations as necessary, gathering friends, members and visitors. Many souls have been touched by those who have been through our groups since then and our core group remains today. Each person who is touched by the energy shares it in some way. Some of our family have moved over the years and some we meet with in their spirit bodies at our services and healing groups but we believe that the core group energy remains from those who have remained true in their hearts to White Eagle. Physical world difficulties and differences notwithstanding, we have managed to overcome and proceed. The teachings give us our instructions in White Eagle’s loving words and we strive to build his family energy here in our corner of the world.

“In the new age that is upon us, the psychic and spiritual forces within man will be stimulated and he will be taught in due time by the messengers, the teachers or spirit beings, how to open the ‘windows’ of his soul, or how to open his chakras and go forth like a winged being into the heavenly spheres. We would speak of what to us is a very important point.  This is a work of the New Age of the Aquarian Age; the work of John, the light bearer whose symbol is the white eagle, which flies towards the sun, and lives in the sunlight.”

“In order to bring our message to men we needed a channel, not only the channel of one human being but that of a group. Group work is most important but it must be cohesive and so we chose a woman whose family could gather round and help her, a family which now consists of many kindred souls.”

                                *Excerpts from Stella Polaris Mar 1962 and Aug Sept 1964

            Have a safe and happy summer.

            With Love and Blessings from all in B.C.

                                                               Ann Force

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