Greetings from Beautiful British Columbia                                    March 2017


    I think all of us on the West Coast of B.C. are truly looking forward to the season of resurrection, new life and reincarnation. Admittedly, by comparison to all of you back east, our sojourn with ice and snow has been minimal. It has been soooooo cold!!! Sadly, we had to cancel our Christmas Service due to snow and ice on the roads making it dangerous for people to drive. We did of course tune in with everyone everywhere for the Christmas Season. I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the very best in 2017.

It is always obvious that White Eagle’s wonderful teachings are timeless and apply just as much today as they did at the moment in time they were given. The conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria being the focus of special meditations and a focus for the light right now.

We continue on with our work in sending out the light to all humanity in the form of upliftment and healing and the words given so many years ago are just as applicable today as they were then. White Eagle said that his work would be done in small cells scattered all around the world and joining like seeds blown in the wind to grow. Easter and Springtime is the festival of this wonderful growth celebrated in so many ways across the globe. How wonderful it is to be able to join through the collective consciousness, working together even if we are many miles apart. 

The message for which all the world is waiting is that of the arisen Christ.

“During the Christian era men have studied the message of the Master Jesus, but they have not comprehended its full implication. Man does not even understand why he is on earth; nor does he know that he came from realms supernal – that is, that his spirit as a divine spark came from realms of light. If man once understood the purpose of his life here, and the whole story of his spiritual birth, evolution and resurrection, he would turn his face to the light; and instead of dwelling on the form of the crucified man, he would see a risen sun; and in the heart of that sun would see the Perfect One, the son of man and the Son of God. He would see that form with arms outstretched making a cross of light within the circle of light, and he would be seeing his goal, the end of all his travail. Then would he be inspired by the divine love of the Christ spirit.”  The Way of the Sun – “The Arisen Christ”

Although there are no snowdrops in bloom in January this year, I am so excited to see the first little green point sticking out of one of my containers on the patio this morning after being frozen solid for weeks now.  New life, reincarnation and resurrection indeed.  How nature shows us at ground level the miracle of life.

We all join with you in thoughts and prayers as always. A very happy Easter to you all and a Joyous Spring Festival. 

From all in B.C.

Ann Force


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