Christmas Greetings from Beautiful British Columbia                                     December 2017


          I can’t believe that I am writing,‘Greetings from B.C.' for Christmas already -how time flies! They tell us there is no such thing as time except on the earth plane and I believe it, we just fill in the content. As we get older, the cycles seem to go around much quicker. White Eagle tells us that “time” is a great teacher and maybe we are learning the wisdom of Father Time even now.  Saturn is portrayed as Father Time and is strict with his pupils and    permits no hurried lessons and hasty sums of superficial essays. He insists on due time being given to every lesson. Those who would hurry through ‘unpleasant’ lessons must    remember that they attempt to put aside a venerable, gracious and wise teacher. Maybe that is why the cycles go around each year to give us the opportunity to learn the lessons.

          Here in B.C., we are once again preparing for change. Anne and Harry Doubleday have sold their house, so we will be moving to a new location sometime in the new year. Our Christmas Candlelight Service will be the last one at our present location. In January our services will he held at my house until we see how we get settled. The work will continue as usual of course.

          Christmas with all its lights and joys is fast approaching, As the first week of advent arrives it is the period of quiet preparation for the returning of the great light ...the Sun/Son of God. It is a period of meditation and expectation of the great festival to come.  We experience the increasing energy and feel the upliftment in the increasing light. How many of us really take time to think about it and learn to understand what is happening?

          We look to the light of our Star throughout the year, but at Christmas, many people seem to become aware of the Star and ponder it significance. White Eagle says, “Why does man look up to the star? Why did the Wise Men     follow the star?”  Because, the star is the    symbol of the Christ Spirit. It is the Christ Light in man’s heart, the beautiful gentle sweet loving Christ, and men are bidden. The wise men were first told to follow the star, but they could not help themselves because they had this urge within them to find truth, and the star is the symbol of the Christ man or as our brethren in spirit would tell you the symbol of ‘man made perfect.’ As the Christ light is born in the manger of the heart and we listen to beautiful spiritual music and surround ourselves with wonderful colour we are lifted into that temple of light and joined with all our brethren and all workers for the light.

          B.C. will celebrate our candlelight service on the 17thDec with our Carol Service and pot-luck lunch. We will be linking in with you all at the candle lighting and of course on Christmas Day.

Wishing you all a very happy, joyful and peaceful Christmas Season.

With Love and Blessings from Ann Force and all in B.C.

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