'Peace and Wellbeing'



                               In our 2018 calendar, we share the White Eagle teaching on Peace and Wellbeing.


In our hectic mental and physical world many long for an oasis of peace; long for ways to find that peace within themselves and to feel whole, healthy and renewed in vitality. The White Eagle teaching is rich with support and spiritual upliftment, as well as ways to live peaceably.

As usual the quotations for each week and month are accompanied by beautiful photos.

The Calendar is designed to be a companion in the home or workplace, so it is spiral-bound to be hung, and has a cardboard backing so it can also be placed on a desk or table.

Send an email to sjlawrence@whiteagle.ca to order.

The calendar makes a lovely present for those who know nothing of White Eagle's teaching.

$10 each                    Calendar size: 235mm x 170mm

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