Light is life, and that which gives power to that light and to all other things both on Earth and in the universe, is spiritual light…the Christ light, as White Eagle has called it. This light is synonymous with the radiation of divine, unconditional Love. However, this is a love which so transcends our conception of love that it is almost inconceivable.

It is the Love and life-force —the Light— which brought our Earth and the whole cosmos into being —the Light of God.

Send an email to sjlawrence@whiteagle.ca to order.

In our calendar this year, we share White Eagle’s teaching on that Light—how it manifests in the natural world and in humanity, and how it can be stimulated in the human heart to bring about an end to conflict and inequality, and to foster goodwill amongst all, because we are children of that Light.

Light appears to us also in the colour rays which we use in our healing work. Each month’s image is a flower which radiates with light and beautiful colour. The calendar is designed to be a companion in the home or workplace, so it is both spiral-bound to be hung and has a cardboard backing so it can also be placed on a desk or table.

The calendar makes a lovely present for those who know nothing of White Eagle's teaching.

Calendar size: 235mm x 170mm


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